Guys, here’s an excuse to ditch your necktie:

It’s cutting off circulation to your brain! The journal Neuro-Radiology found that neckties reduce blood flow to the brain by as much as 7.5%

For the study, the brains of healthy, young men were scanned before and after putting on a necktie. The men were instructed to make a Windsor knot and tighten it to the point of slight discomfort.

The result? The tie squashed veins in the neck, reducing blood flow in study subjects’ brains by an average of 7.5%. That won’t trigger any obvious symptoms, but researchers say it’s enough to impact cognitive functioning, affecting the ability to think and process information at a normal rate. So a man’s work performance could be impacted by his necktie!

And this study, combined with casual Fridays, may be all the ammo men need to never wear a tie again! 

If ties are part of your work wardrobe, or you just like to look dapper, at least loosen your tie when you’re at your desk. 

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