The Beatles, The Beach Boys & more get streaming bump thanks to Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’

ABC/ Heidi Gutman

Beyoncé’s latest release, Cowboy Carter, is a hit for more than just Beyoncé.

According to Billboard, several tracks Bey has either covered, sampled or interpolated on the record have seen a streaming bump since the album’s release, including songs by The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Thanks to Bey’s “Blackbiird” cover, streams of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” saw a 13% increase the weekend after the release compared to the one previous, bringing it up to 71,000 streams. Plus, The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations,” which is part of the tune “Ya Ya,” saw a 13% increase, with Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” which is interpolated in the same song, seeing a 14% increase. 

And Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” has seen a huge bump thanks to Bey’s cover, up 43% to 1.24 million streams.

Meanwhile, two Chuck Berry tunes benefited from the Bey album. His song “Oh Louisiana,” which is sampled in Bey’s song of the same name, was up 138% to 12,000 streams, while “Maybelline,” featured in “Smoke Hour/Willie Nelson,” saw an 11% increase to 38,000 streams.

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