Jon Bon Jovi planning to release “30 or 40” songs that never made it onto Bon Jovi’s albums

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The new Hulu docuseries Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story features some unheard music from the group — and Jon Bon Jovi says in the future everyone will get to hear it.

Asked by Billboard if the archival music will ever come out, he says, “Yes. One thing that we have always known, and our deep fan base knows as well, is that we always write 30 songs to get 10. And so there’s always been a backlog of material that’s been unreleased. There’s no shortage of it.”

“So I think that we stumbled on 30 or 40 songs that no one’s heard, and they’ll all come out, yeah,” he added.  Jon notes that the unreleased songs are from “all the records” — including Slippery When Wet and New Jersey.

The bad news is that Jon doesn’t know when these songs will be released. “But,” he explains, “We know what we’ve got. It’ll happen during the course of the release of the album.” That’d be Forever, which is coming out in June.

“There’s some really good songs that I can’t believe didn’t make those records,” he says.

The docuseries also shows Jon’s struggle to get his voice back after undergoing surgery. He says he won’t go on tour until he can, as he puts it, “go out on that stage … and pick any song I want throughout [our] catalog on a nightly basis, the way I used to be able to do.”

He adds, “That’s where I have left to go … that’s the bar that I need to get back to.”

As for what he’s doing to get back to that point, Jon says it involves vocal therapy four times a week, as well as, “Hoping, wishing. Wishing, hoping. Praying.”


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