Pete Townshend says The Who “are not done yet”

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Based on recent interviews with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, fans of The Who may be worried that they’ll never see their favorite band again — but Townshend is now giving them some hope.

In a March interview with The New York Times, Townshend said he no longer got a “buzz from performing with The Who” and that he was only “touring for the money.” Then in April, Daltrey told the Miami Herald that if Pete wasn’t into touring he wouldn’t do it, noting, “I don’t want to be back with the Who on the road, at 81, with someone who doesn’t want be there.”

But in a new interview with MOJO, Townshend seems to have changed his tune, insisting, “The Who are not done yet” and noting that his relationship with Roger is “better than it’s ever been.”

“I wish it were more intimate, but that’s not possible because we are so different,” he says. “But we value and respect each other more.”

Regarding their working relationship, Townshend says, “The Who are a brand and a friendship, but it’s not a band. It’s not a hard-working, complicated, growing and evolving f****** jazz group. We’re not challenging each other to work musical miracles, but we’re playing music we know so well.”

“So never say never,” Pete offers about the future of the group. “I don’t want to do what I did before and say we’re never going to work again.”

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