Wang Chung surprised by John Mulaney’s use of “To Live and Die in L.A.”

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Wang Chung‘s 1985 song “To Live and Die in L.A.” was used as the theme song for John Mulaney’s recent Netflix talk show Everybody’s in LA, and it turns out they had no idea it was gonna happen.

“It’s a total surprise that it’s blown up in the way that it has,” Wang Chung lead singer Jack Hues tells Variety, noting he found out the song was being used for the six-episode show from “the guy who does our merch.”

“It’s so nice to see it get used in such a cool way,” guitarist Nick Feldman adds. “The way it’s placed into the show — which I’ve watched a couple of episodes and I really liked — it really works well.” He notes, “That collage of images from Los Angeles, with our music it feels like they placed it exactly right. It’s extremely gratifying for us to see.”

Wang Chung is scheduled to play Los Angeles in August, and they tell Variety they hope to hook up with Mulaney in some way. 

“We’re going to have to reach out to him and set something up. I’d like to have a conversation with John. At least just to thank him,” Hues says, adding, “It’s been great for us. And it clearly kind of put a stamp on his show that gives it something strong.” 

Meanwhile, Mulaney is giving the band props for their song on social media, responding to the Variety interview with the comment, “There was no second choice for theme song. Thanks @WangChungMusic for the whole vibe.”


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