Brian May shares his admiration for guitar great Pete Townshend

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Brian May wants everyone to know how he feels about the guitar talents of The Who’s Pete Townshend. 

A fan recently posted an old quote from May in which he called Townshend a hero and a “god of guitars,” and May reshared it on Instagram, reiterating his feelings toward The Who star.

“I’m glad I said this – I probably don’t say it enough,” May writes. “I can’t imagine Rock Guitar without Pete Townshend. Looking back, it seems to me he basically invented it ! I was lucky enough to be there watching. My playing owes so much to him.”

May goes on to explain, “Townshend brought to the scene a blistering clang of super-amplified but not over-saturated chords – razor-edged monoliths crashing angrily through our brains, biting rhythmic hammer blows which would change the likes of me forever.”

He then suggested fans listen to Who songs like “My Generation,” “I’m A Boy, “Substitute” and more “to feel what I’m talking about,” adding, “Good Morning folks !! You have your assignment for the day !”

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