Playing Stevie Nicks in a biopic would be “the ultimate” for Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson is the daughter of musician Bill Hudson, has been married or engaged to three different musicians and recently released Glorious, her first-ever album as a musician. It’s no wonder that she’d love to play a couple of famous female artists on screen one day.

Asked by Rolling Stone if there is a dream musical biopic she’d like to star in, Hudson says, “I’ve got a couple. To me it’s also about the interesting life, and being able to tell that story correctly. I think Dusty Springfield is a really interesting story.”

U.K. pop icon Dusty Springfield was revered for her soulful voice, and hits like “Son of a Preacher Man” and “I Only Want to Be With You.” She lived with bipolar disorder, had substance abuse issues and was romantically involved with women throughout her life.

“She’s one of my favorites and she was very shy,” Hudson says. “She had a lot of stage fright. Really fascinating woman. I think she struggled with being open about her sexuality. That could be a very powerful movie.”  

But the “ultimate,” Hudson says, would be to play Stevie Nicks. However, she jokes, “My family might, like, disown me if I ever got a chance to play Stevie [because] … I would probably go way too far into that character.”

“I think for all girls who love rock, Stevie’s just our number one,” Hudson adds. “Her whole life experience and the music. Fleetwood Mac, that whole journey from before Stevie to after Stevie? And her relationship with Lindsey? It’s like a trilogy. There’s so much there. To me, that’s like the ultimate rock & roll story.”

Your move, Stevie.

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