Are you overeating after a workout?

You exercise like crazy – so why aren’t you losing weight? You may be eating back all the calories you burned – and then some. That’s a symptom of “runger” – the hunger you feel after a big workout or long run. To avoid runger, have a small snack 30 minutes before your workout. Something low-fat and carb-based — like graham crackers with a teaspoon of honey. That’ll digest easily and give you instant energy. Then, an hour after you exercise, have only protein and healthy fats. That’ll keep you feeling full so you won’t overeat.

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Jingle Bell Rock Clue Correction

There was an error in the bonus clue given out on Saturday, December 11, at Big Red’zzz Furniture and Mattress in Springdale. If you have that bonus clue, replace “twenty” with “fourteen.” We apologize for the error and good luck on your hunt!