Ease your pain with this lettuce:

If you have aches and pains, you may want to start making your salads and sandwiches with butter lettuce. Also called Boston or Bibb lettuce. It contains a trio of compounds found nowhere else: Vitamins C, K and a nutrient called lactucarium. And scientists at Boston University say, when you combine those 3 compounds, it reduces inflammation and stiffness, relaxes tight muscles and heals damaged tissues in 63% of people. It can even help you sleep better at night. So if you have aches and pains, try adding butter lettuce to your salads and sandwiches. You’ll get a good dose of nutrients, and help ease your pain.

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Jingle Bell Rock Clue Correction

There was an error in the bonus clue given out on Saturday, December 11, at Big Red’zzz Furniture and Mattress in Springdale. If you have that bonus clue, replace “twenty” with “fourteen.” We apologize for the error and good luck on your hunt!