Turn down the volume and protect your BRAIN?

Here’s a good reason to lower the volume on your MP3 player: Protecting your hearing can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s! The reason? Because when we can’t hear well, our brain has to work harder to figure out what sounds we’re hearing – and what’s being said. And that takes mental energy away from other tasks. Plus, trouble hearing makes people less social – and numerous studies show chatting with friends is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. Bottom line: If you can keep your hearing intact by lowering the volume on your MP3 player, you’ll cut your risk of Alzheimer’s by 20%.


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Jingle Bell Rock Clue Correction

There was an error in the bonus clue given out on Saturday, December 11, at Big Red’zzz Furniture and Mattress in Springdale. If you have that bonus clue, replace “twenty” with “fourteen.” We apologize for the error and good luck on your hunt!