Lift your mood by engaging in a calming leisure activity!

Want to de-stress? Do something soothing and hands-on, like knitting. British researchers surveyed over 35-hundred knitters – and the more frequently they sat down with needles and yarn, the lower their stress. Don’t want to learn a new skill? Try jigsaw puzzles. University of California at Merced researchers found people engaged in calming leisure activities reported a‑third less stress than those without a relaxing hobby. But the best ones create a finished product, whether it’s a completed puzzle or a knit hat. Because the accomplishment lifts our mood and reduces stress.

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Jingle Bell Rock Clue Correction

There was an error in the bonus clue given out on Saturday, December 11, at Big Red’zzz Furniture and Mattress in Springdale. If you have that bonus clue, replace “twenty” with “fourteen.” We apologize for the error and good luck on your hunt!