Fall Asleep And STAY Asleep!

Fall Asleep And STAY Asleep!

You know a lack of sleep can lead to everything from overeating – to anger…

You know a lack of sleep can lead to everything from overeating – to anger. Well, here are 3 simple things that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep:

  • Your dog. Sure, they may crowd the bed – but according to the Mayo Clinic, dog owners who allowed their dog to sleep with them had improved sleep quality – because they felt safer and more secure. 
  • Another way to sleep better: Have some pillow talk with your significant other. A study found that people were more likely to have restorative deep sleep when they felt cared for by their partners. So a little bonding before bed goes a long way for a better night’s sleep
  • The third way to sleep better at night: Don’t nap during the day. University of Pennsylvania researchers found that when people were chronically under-slept – and took naps during the day – they slept worse at night. And sleeping during the day – when you can’t sleep at night – perpetuates the cycle.

So, if you have a hard time sleeping at night, hold off until bedtime and your sleep drive will be higher.


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Jingle Bell Rock Clue Correction

There was an error in the bonus clue given out on Saturday, December 11, at Big Red’zzz Furniture and Mattress in Springdale. If you have that bonus clue, replace “twenty” with “fourteen.” We apologize for the error and good luck on your hunt!