Out of touch for good: Daryl Hall confirms end of Hall & Oates as he announces new solo album

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Daryl Hall has given the definitive answer as to the future of Hall & Oates.

In an interview with Variety, Hall opened up about the rift between him and John Oates that culminated in a lawsuit, when Oates tried to sell his half of their company, Whole Oats, without getting the needed permission from Hall.

It hit me by surprise,” Hall says. “I don’t know, man — all I can say is people change and sometimes you don’t really know someone like you thought you did.” He adds, “It’s unfortunate and untimely, but some things just change. People rewrite history and harbor thoughts you had no idea about.”

When asked if all this meant Hall & Oates were done for good, Hall replied, “That is correct.”

“I haven’t had a creative relationship with John for at least 25 years,” he explained. “We didn’t write songs together, we didn’t do anything together except perform live shows.”

Hall is now taking the next step in his career, releasing the new solo album, D, on June 21, featuring the new single, “Can’t Say No to You,” which is now available on all digital outlets.

Hall worked with Eurythmics Dave Stewart on the album, calling him “my shadow partner since 1984,” suggesting a bit of a dig at Oates.

“We’re best friends. This was a real duo album, two people coming together, understanding one another and writing songs — most of them were written on the spot,” he says. “It’s a real 50-50 project. Dave and I have a real partnership and have had for a long time.”

Hall will get to play some of those solo songs when he hits the road with Elvis Costello starting June 2 in Troutdale, Oregon. A complete list of dates can be found at darylhall.com.

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