Monday - Friday | 6 AM - 10 AM

Haystack was born in Springdale and is a lifelong Razorback fanatic and University of Arkansas alumni. He’s been involved in music and entertainment in Northwest Arkansas for two decades and brings lots of silly stories, songs, laughs, and fun to your morning drive!


Monday - Friday | 10 AM - 3 PM

Staci is a Razorback alumni with a professional background in media and non-profit organizations. “Northwest Arkansas is home and I can’t think of a better place to live. I love spending time with my family including our fur baby Abby. When I’m not at work, you can find me cheering on my daughter at XC meets and my son playing basketball.”

Staci keeps you up to date with Northwest Arkansas events and makes work days go by much faster with the No Repeat Workday.

big Michael Kaufman

Monday - Friday | 3 PM - 7 PM

big Michael Kaufman’s voice can be heard daily as the “station voice” on 106.5 KBVA as well as other radio and TV outlets in California, Colorado, Missouri, the Poconos, and internationally in the UK, Germany, and Greece. He was also the voice for Big Water Adventures on the Outdoor Network. We’re excited to have big MK on 106.5 KBVA as our station voice and spinning the tunes each weekday afternoon.

When not playing radio bigMK enjoys music at home, live concerts (especially at the AMP), hiking, and eating!

Intelligence For Your Life with John Tesh

Monday - Friday | 7 PM - 12 Midnight Saturday | 5 AM - 10 AM

For over a decade, Tesh’s dreams have branched out to his radio show “Intelligence For Your Life,” an award-winning show he calls “purpose driven radio.”

The impetus for “Intelligence for Your Life” was Tesh’s wife, actress Connie Sellecca, whose nightstand was covered with issues of Oprah’s Magazine, “O”. “We wanted to create a show for people like her, who don’t have time to read all that, but are interested in being better in everything they do,” he says. “There is so much information out there, but not enough information about how to find it, and where to go with it. The idea was to… be curators who pick and choose the information that we think our audience would like to hear about. If you couldn’t get to those magazines, we, along with the researchers we hired, could do it for you. People have called me the “Oprah of radio”, but the difference is that our pieces are sometimes very short, like two minutes, or even 25 seconds — all geared at motivating listeners to move forward…it’s all about passion and purpose. If something I share can help save someone’s marriage, inspire someone to go to the doctor to get checked out, or spend more time with their kids, I’ve done my job.”

Intelligence For Your Health with Connie Sellecca

Sunday | 2 PM - 5 PM

Connie Sellecca is a Golden Globe nominated actress, starring in dozens of major network television movies and series, including Hotel, Greatest American Hero, P.S. I Luv U, and Second Chances. Over her career Sellecca has represented major brands including Pantene, Clairol, Avon, and Revlon and has been featured on numerous magazine covers. As a respected businesswoman and entrepreneur, Sellecca developed her own clothing line and skin care line (Sellecca Solution). Sellecca says she brings both her professional experience and life-experience as a wife, mother of two, and grandmother of two to the show.

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