New ‘Let It Be’ preview focuses on Ringo Starr

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Beatles fans are getting another preview of the documentary Let It Be before it premieres Wednesday, May 8, on Disney+.

The latest clip revolves around Ringo Starr, showing him joking around in the studio working on “Octopus’s Garden” with George Harrison and more.

Originally released in April 1970, Let It Be takes Beatles fans inside the studio as they recorded their album Let It Be and includes footage from their January 1969 Apple Corps rooftop concert. It was released one month after The Beatles officially broke up.

The film hasn’t been available for more than 50 years. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the film’s original director, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, describes the journey of the picture as “a long and winding road,” a reference to the Let It Be track, noting that since it came out a month after The Beatles broke up, people weren’t excited to see it.

“It disappeared, and no one really cared if it came out again, because there were no Beatles anymore,” he says. “There were four people, but they weren’t Beatles anymore.”

The association with The Beatles’ breakup led many to form negative opinions of the movie without even seeing it, but Lindsay-Hogg is excited that it’s getting a new chance to win over audiences.

“Sometimes things go your way in life, and sometimes they don’t. But I got very lucky twice with this,” he says. “I did it originally, and then I got beat, but then it comes out again. So that’s a good conclusion to that story.”

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