Rush’s Alex Lifeson on playing with Geddy Lee, his new Lerxst brand and more

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When Rush‘s Geddy Lee was on the book tour for his biography My Effin’ Life last year, there was a lot of talk about whether he and his Rush bandmate Alex Lifeson had planned to make music together again. Well, Lifeson is now offering an update.

“Ged and I try to get together once a week,” Lifeson tells ABC Audio. “I mean, we’re really, really good friends. We’re best friends.” He adds, “I go over to his place. We have a little setup. He’s got a music room, and we just play together and have fun.”

But in news that will be disappointing to Rush fans, Lifeson says they “are not talking about doing anything beyond that.” Though he does note, “Who knows what the future brings?”

Lifeson says he and Geddy are at the point in their lives where they have other interests, and for Lifeson that includes his new guitar and amplifier brand Lerxst, which recently introduced the Lerxst By-Tor pedal, the OMEGA signature amplifier and the Limelight guitar.

“I kind of consolidated all the things that I learned into one package and wanted to see that come to life,” he says of his products, noting the amp and pedal “makes the guitar sing in different ways.”

As for the guitar, which was inspired by Lifeson’s mid-’80s Hentor Sportscaster, Lifeson says it was particularly important to him that it was “super comfortable to play on.” 

“You know, guitars are such a personal expression,” he says. “It’s like a paintbrush. You know, you give the same paintbrush to two painters, they’ll paint differently with it. And, that’s the important thing of these guitars”

He adds, “They’re really solid, good, easy to play platform at any level.”

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