Bryan Adams narrates PETA video calling out Canadian military for bearskin caps

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Rocker Bryan Adams is narrating a new video for the animal rights group PETA, which is calling out the Canadian Armed Forces for the bearskin caps worn by the military.

The clip features footage of recreational hunters in Ontario setting traps for bears and then killing, disemboweling and dismembering the animals in order to sell off their skins. According to PETA, it takes at least one bear to have enough skin for each cap.   

“Shot bears don’t always die right away. Desperate and in pain, some bears flee the hunters and endure a slow, painful death from infection or blood loss,” Adams, who is a longtime vegan, says in the video. “Nursing mothers are sometimes shot, leaving behind cubs who starve, unable to survive on their own.” 

The rocker, a native of Kingston, Ontario, adds, “The Canadian government is endorsing this cruelty by using real bear fur on its military caps, even though military-grade faux bear fur now exists.” He implores the public to “tell the Canadian government to end the cruelty and go fur-free.”

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